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Centro Hijos de Chiloé

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In the North area of Punta Arenas, on Avenida España, we find all the magic of the Chiloé Archipelago. Dishes loaded with traditions, longings, and dreams of a group of Punta Arenas neighbors, whose nostalgia for the big island led them to create a foundation that gave rise to the restaurant 40 years ago.


In Centro Hijos de Chiloé, you can find a varied menu with typical Chiloé dishes: milcao, luche stew with lamb, and, of course, pot-curanto. This typical preparation combines the best of the southern land and sea: milcaos, chapaleles, sausages, smoked meat, chicken, mussels, and a touch of white wine, which turns into the most coveted dish by diners visiting the restaurant.


Another must-try, to take away or serve, is the fried milcaos, a dough that mixes cooked mashed potatoes and grated raw potatoes, a true treasure of Chilote gastronomy.

Address: Av. España 01449, Punta Arenas

Phone: +56 61 221 5044

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