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What do we call our kitchen?

It's delightful to sit among friends and glasses, 

observing how each of them leaves a mark that is 

uniquely theirs.

Rolando Cárdenas.

Understanding the gastronomy of our land goes beyond simply enjoying a delectable shellfish dish, a refreshing beer, or a glass of red wine. It is a means of connecting with the local cultural heritage and creating lasting memories in a personal and distinct manner. 

Through this exploration, we can glimpse into the antiquity of a people and the local circumstances that shape their identity. Take Mexican cuisine, for example, which reveals the fascinating fusion of Aztec and Spanish cultures.

This is precisely why visitors to our website, Saboreando Magallanes (Tasting Magallanes), will not only discover the diverse expressions of our culinary heritage but also recognize the presence of a wide variety of voices, knowledge, and practices within the same ecosystems. These ecosystems have been nurtured and shaped by the first nations and the people who inhabit our land and seas. 

These connections epitomize the richness of our cultural and natural complexity, drawing from a blend of knowledge and practices that showcase the region's nature, history, economy, and the bonds among communities, their organizational systems, biodiversity, and cosmovision.

Through Saboreando Magallanes, we aim to promote and inspire individuals to explore the gastronomical legacy of the Magallanes region. By getting to know it, we can preserve it, and by preserving it, we safeguard the identity of our land.

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