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Fotografía gastronómica




Nineteen years have passed since Carolina Cárdenas Bozzo opened Secreto de la Patagonia, a chocolate shop filled with Calafate-based products – one of the most emblematic resources in Magallanes.

Like thousands of other Chilotes, Arturo arrived in Magallanes in search of a better future for himself and his family. His father's passing, his mother's kitchen, and his love for his siblings were the beginnings of a restaurant that is a must-visit. The reasons? Well, there are plenty, but one stands out: his lamb cazuela with luche, which embodies the magic of the Chilote cuisine.


The Naturalista Distillery, situated in the picturesque enclave of Los Huertos, Puerto Natales, boasts a uniquely privileged location. This is where Carmen Gloria, its visionary founder, embarked on her journey, crafting the very first aperitifs and digestifs using traditional local spices like calafate, rhubarb, and rose hip.

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