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In the North area of Punta Arenas, on Avenida España, we find all the magic of the Chiloé Archipelago. Dishes loaded with traditions, longings, and dreams of a group of Punta Arenas neighbors, whose nostalgia for the big island led them to create a foundation that gave rise to the restaurant 40 years ago.

15 years ago, the Hueicha family began turning their kitchen into a meeting place for the people of Magallanes, centered around Chilote gastronomy. On Saturdays, they serve one of the house specials: luche stew with lamb. A dish with all the magic of the big island.



El Arriero is renowned for its cross-shaped roast lamb barbecue, cooked in plain view of diners for three hours. Staked at one end of the restaurant, in a space reminiscent of traditional barbecue areas, it releases aromas that only the tender slow-cooked lamb can achieve.

La Marmita was born in 2004, created by a chef couple, Lorena and Alfredo, who wanted to offer a different alternative in the region: a more attractive, modern kitchen with a strong focus on presentation.


At an elevation, with an unbeatable view of the city, we find La Yegua Loca. This hotel and restaurant leave nothing to chance. They define themselves as traditional cuisine, a nod to the flavors of Croatian grandmothers' recipes, and a celebration of the resources of Magallanes.

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