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Chocolatería Patagonia Dulce

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Santolla is pure Magellanic cuisine from beginning to end. Its recipes allow us to taste the best of the land and sea: king crab, oysters, guanaco, lamb, hare... among many others. Aromas, flavors, and the composition of the dishes—Santolla is enjoyed with all the senses.


Comprising five maritime containers, this restaurant has sustainability deeply ingrained, starting from its construction, while on the inside, it manages to create an intimate and welcoming space.


Among its classics, you can find this tender guanaco loin with carrot puree and roasted vegetables; three-season oysters, where this mollusk is accompanied by caramelized onions, bean pebre, and a parsley coulis; and an unmissable trilogy of king crab and cochayuyo.


Santolla was born 8 years ago, with a hiatus due to the pandemic, but it has been able to come back with great strength, following the same premise with which it started: working with endemic products and valuing the resources of Magallanes.

Address: Magallanes 77, Puerto Natales.

Phone: +56 61 241 3493


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