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Donde Hueicha

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15 years ago, the Hueicha family began turning their kitchen into a meeting place for the people of Magallanes, centered around Chilote gastronomy. On Saturdays, they serve one of the house specials: luche stew with lamb. A dish with all the magic of the big island.


Its founder, Arturo Hueicha, and his family are in charge of the kitchen; the recipes and the flavor are of homemade food, reminiscent of grandma's dishes. Here, you can find the traditional curanto, but also lamb barbecue. The cuisine of Donde Hueicha is half Chilote, half Magallanic.


Their food is generous and full of flavor, a faithful reflection of Chiloé. And it is always served with sopaipillas and pebre, another good reason to visit them.

Address: Av. Pdte. Salvador Allende Gossens 201-299

Phone: +56 61 232 5076

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