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La Marmita

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La Marmita was born in 2004, created by a chef couple, Lorena and Alfredo, who wanted to offer a different alternative in the region: a more attractive, modern kitchen with a strong focus on presentation.
They stand out for innovating with local raw materials and have been pioneers in well-crafted cuisine that not only looks good but tastes even better.


After almost 20 years, the style of their preparations has been in constant evolution. Today, they define it as somewhat simpler than in the beginning but no less flavorful. The flavor remains the same, according to its founder, and La Marmita continues being a safe bet to eat well in Magallanes.


This southern hake with polenta and sautéed vegetables is one of the dishes you can find in this charming corner of the city—a traditional fish from the region, La Marmita style.

Address: Pl. Francisco Sampaio 678, Punta Arenas

Phone: +56 61 222 2056


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