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La Yegua Loca

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At an elevation, with an unbeatable view of the city, we find La Yegua Loca. This hotel and restaurant leave nothing to chance. They define themselves as traditional cuisine, a nod to the flavors of Croatian grandmothers' recipes, and a celebration of the resources of Magallanes.


La Yegua Loca's menu is tempting from beginning to end: quinoa catuto with king crab, octopus sphere, Baqueano sirloin, land and sea lamb chops, mushroom risotto, and Croatian-style gnocchi are just a few. Additionally, they offer signature cocktails with regional products and desserts like the sphere with rhubarb cream, which surely caught your attention with its name alone.


La Yegua Loca and its chef, Cristian Figueroa, pay attention to the aesthetics of their dishes as much as the flavor. So yes, these are recipes that awaken all the senses. An experience of flavors from the moment you step into this house at the foot of Cerro de la Cruz.

Address: Monseñor José Fagnano 310, Punta Arenas

Phone: +56 61 237 1734

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